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Meet The Band!

Reptilia is made up of 5 highly experienced musicians, all of whom have been involved in successful bands over the years. They create an energy level rarely seen before, and can always guarantee that you are in for a fantastic night of first class entertainment by top musicians which collectively create a top band.

Lead Vocals - Kees

For Kees, music is the engine that drives every minute of every day.  It’s a constant companion and a powerful way to bring people together & fronting a band is about bringing the energy and passion to make the crowd want to live for the moment.  It’s about having fun!

Drums - James

It was always a given that James would end up behind a drum kit given his father (John Blunt) was the drummer for sixties band The Searchers. Having been involved in many projects including functions and Big Bands including brass and horn sections, James  is a true talent when keeping time for Reptilia.

Lead Guitar - Gaz

Being a self confessed show off it was little wonder Gaz took up the role of lead guitar! Due to his inability to stand still, Gaz apologies in advance to anyone who happens to be standing close enough to him, for the amount of jumping around and unashamedly "trying" to pull off rock god stances.

Rhythm Guitar - Matt

With his crunching, driving rhythms Matt helps create the explosive sound that the band have become so well known for, a sound that will have you thinking all the bands they cover are in one room!  Having been involved in numerous musical ventures over the years Matt knows what it takes to put on a fully explosive gig that will leave you screaming for more!!

Bass Guitar - Chris

Having played in many different styles, Chris is most at home when laying down fat riffs in rock songs. Usually wielding his Peavey Cirrus 5-string, his boundless energy and relentless sense of groove will ensure that everyone is moving before the end of the show!

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